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Tribe glitch
Hey man, at about 5am this morning one of our tribe mates got disconnected from the server and kicked from our tribe for some reason, and it placed him in his own tribe, no one in our tribe kicked him out. This caused about half of our dinos and plant x to turn hostile toward our base. We lost almost all of our tames and most of our defenses from this weird glitch. Also about 25% of our structures and all of our boats are now unaccesable because they belong to the tribe it threw him in. We merged tribes and it didnt give us access to those structures. Just wondering if there is anyway you could rollback to the 4am daily reset for march 25th? If this isnt possible we understand, just hoping to get ahold of you before too much time passes and we dont want to hurt other players progression. Also if there is anyway to change structures back to our tribe or ressurect the dinos killed that would work as well. Thank you
We would all extremely appreciate it if possible. Please and thank you.
Ok I have reset the server back to 3/25. I still might have to mess with tribe/player backups, let me know what happens.
Seems that everything rolled back to before. Things work now, thank you for doing this.
Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!
Good Job!!

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